Q1. How much does chrome plating cost?

A1. This depends on the size and condition of the item, however more on size of the item.

Q2. Can you plate Aluminium?

A2. Yes we Can.

Q3. Do you do polishing only?

A3. Yes we do polish only.

Q4. What do I have to do to send my parts in?

A4. You can put them in the post with your name, telephone number and number of parts you are sending .

Q5. What is the Pricing process?

A5. We can sometimes give you a price on the phone or we may ask you to send us some pictures of your parts via email and we will usually reply on the same day.

Q6. How soon will I get my parts back?

A6. we aim to complete work in 2 - 4 weeks however we can offer a quicker turnaround time in urgent cases.

Q7. Do you triple plate?

A7. Triple plate is when a plater puts 3 layers of plating on to your products, we as per our process gallery put on 4 layers of plating so we quad plate! Giving the product a rich and longer lasting finish.

Q8. What standard of quality do chrome fix offer?

A8. Our quality is visibly exceptional to that of other chrome platers, this is down to our hard working team on product preparation and our extended plating process.